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November 8th, 2010

Go Go MSNBC Rangers!

(Yes, kind of awkward title, I know.)

Okay, so, over the weekend, I had a little crack-y idea. Everyone likes doing AU versions of our favorite news personalities. So, I didn't find it terribly out there to have a Power Rangers AU. Now, this is just an idea, as I don't have any immediate plans to turn this into a fic, and, hell, this might not even make it onto paper(word processor?).

I started to think who would be which color ranger. This is what I have so far:

Keith-Red Ranger (Leader)

Rachel-Blue Ranger (Second-in-command)

Tweety-Yellow Ranger (Pretty obvious)

Tamron?-Pink Ranger (Yeah, I know, stereotypical to have a woman as the Pink Ranger, but I can't think of any dude who could fill the part)

????-Green Ranger

David-Sixth Ranger, haven't decided on a color yet. (Because, considering his plight at MSNBC, writing a plot involving him as a mysterious outsider ranger is tooooo easy.)

Lawrence could act as a mentor character to the team, though, a plot involving him as a ranger(Purple Ranger, maybe, in reference to the color of his set?) may be possible.

I haven't figured out which roles the enemies would play, though, I think that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck would make good ones. I do have an idea for a "Bohener-Monster," too, lol.