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Go Go MSNBC Rangers!

(Yes, kind of awkward title, I know.)

Okay, so, over the weekend, I had a little crack-y idea. Everyone likes doing AU versions of our favorite news personalities. So, I didn't find it terribly out there to have a Power Rangers AU. Now, this is just an idea, as I don't have any immediate plans to turn this into a fic, and, hell, this might not even make it onto paper(word processor?).

I started to think who would be which color ranger. This is what I have so far:

Keith-Red Ranger (Leader)

Rachel-Blue Ranger (Second-in-command)

Tweety-Yellow Ranger (Pretty obvious)

Tamron?-Pink Ranger (Yeah, I know, stereotypical to have a woman as the Pink Ranger, but I can't think of any dude who could fill the part)

????-Green Ranger

David-Sixth Ranger, haven't decided on a color yet. (Because, considering his plight at MSNBC, writing a plot involving him as a mysterious outsider ranger is tooooo easy.)

Lawrence could act as a mentor character to the team, though, a plot involving him as a ranger(Purple Ranger, maybe, in reference to the color of his set?) may be possible.

I haven't figured out which roles the enemies would play, though, I think that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck would make good ones. I do have an idea for a "Bohener-Monster," too, lol.

Open Thread

It's time for...

Open Thread: August 14

Anyway, the magic prompt-y word for today is accident.

Open Thread: Thursday?

Oh, hai thar. It seems I've forgotten to set up any open threads for the past couple weeks. My bad.

Open Thread: August 5th

The prompt word this evening is celebration.

zomg it's a discussion post!!

It's very appropriate to post this tonight seeing as Keith is coming back to his own show--whilst on vacation--to deliver a Special Comment.

Talk amongst yourselves! Just play nice, okay?

BREAKING NEWS ON TWITTER #bnot: Denis Leary has just stated "If Rachel Maddow looks like a guy, then guess what: I might be gay." JUICY DEETS.

Weekend Open Thread

Open Thread

Hiya! Here's the Open Thread for Saturday, July 17. The prompt word is boat. So, hopefully, one of you can work your mojo on that.

Also, I'll be in Chicago on Wednesday, and will mostly be away from any online-y stuff. So, if anybody can set up that day's thread, that would be lovely.

Open Thread

Since many of you would like or wouldn't mind an Open Thread...

Open Thread: Debut Edition!

I'm planning on this being bi-weekly, Wednesdays and Saturdays. One for hump-days and one for weekends. Sound fair? I don't have a particular prompt or idea for this one, so, have at it! And, sorry this is so late, too. ^^; I forgot about it up untill now.


Poll #1591007 Open Threads

Should We Have Open Threads?


If we have open threads, how often should we have them?

Only on weekends

So, I've been thinking lately about the possibility of Open Threads, something many of you are no doubt familliar with. However, I'm not sure all of you would be keen on this idea, so, hence this poll. Discussion welcome.

Icons! (Dylan Ratigan)

I know only four of these icons are MSNBC related, but, still, I thought it might be good to post this.

[16] Pokemon (TCG Art, Magical Journey)

[4] MSNBC/Dylan Ratigan



Here @ glaciachan 

(Cross-posted to (pokemon )

Dylan In The Sky With Deficit

I don't think this needs to be under a cut...it's only 500 by 500, anyway. If you think this needs to be under one, just tell me.

Anyway, this was inspired by squally_bunbun 's wanting to see a picture of Dylan Ratigan riding a unicorn. While, I already did a 10-second doodle in Paint, I felt it deserved something a little more polished. And, yes, I know that doesn't look a whole lot like Dylan. >_<